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Our options traders renew their subscriptions because they know our rates will rise due to our successful VIX predictions along with their own profits.

  We're tired of various CNBC stocks channel pundits encouraging their viewers to invest in an economy that can only rise in their opinion simply because it is their business to declare growth with its expected resultant optimism for clients.

  We know and you know that the world's economy is moving sideways -- more often down than up.

  False hopes are avoided when we act in discplined manner and remove those rosy-glasses. Japan, the EU, China, Brazil, Canada, etc. take part in the currency wars taking place on planet Earth as low unemployment indexes are frequently lies.

Before the bottom falls out the US and its 'Fed' tries to avoid this downward spiral by increasing by 1/4% its interest rate. Unfortunately, this appears to be just one more false hope to save the whole economic program as this type of action has historically presaged an actual drop in value of currencies -- something that has continued for probably years.

   Hence, our VIX predictions appear to take a uniformly depressing downward predictive trend.

  There are few exceptions to this trend such as defence industries which only function profitably under war-like stresses we can expect. Smith & Wesson profited (as we predicted) for weapons manufacturers just days before their shares shot up 16% in the following week when Obama announced gun seizurres.

We predicted gold to rise when it dropped to $1079. The following Monday it started to rise currently at $1340 and rising in its largest ever quarterly rise.

We predicted oil would drop to $29 level. It maintained that average for several weeks before returning to $50; further significant price rise will not occur until September by our estimate when the oil glut will slow down and the global economies will have experienced the worst bankruptcies at that time.

                                               -- VPF









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