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Stock shocks won't be nice! Scandals too!

As former president of Shell Oil reported on CNBC December the world economy's growth is the dominant factor for oil prices.

Industry frauds will form scandal headlines as corporations struggle to survive in a truly down world economy.

Highly respected Volkswagen and Biotech stocks gained serious notoriety and resultant losses. Shtreli's corporate purchase of a drug to up the price by thousands of percentage points resulted in personal charges outside of his corporation. Volkswagen CEO resigned.

Common to these industry foibles was the self-undoing belief they could move legitimately in questionable practices with impunigy.

There are now more realistic forces in action out there and more public moral policing will occur in a this time when austerity is a given. In other words, hungry people now scrutinize their investments with a baleful eye at best.

This has proven true now in August 2016 with gold having risen consistently as a fear index in spite of US government claims of 4.9% unemployment -- while in fact the lowest percentage of US citizens are now employed and home ownership is the lowest in decades.


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