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Recent Successful Calls:

We called for gold to finally increase significantly Monday Jan 4 after a long decline. It did.

We called for oil to continue to fall in price into the new year beginning Jan. 4. It did. (Update -- oil dropped to $29 as we predicted below).

We called for weapons manufacturers stocks to increase in price Jan. 4 -- It did: Smith & Wesson increased 14%+ within 2 days.


VIX index Jan. 5: 22

Below is the actual email sent to subscribers last week:

The last alert we gave included alert for a drop in oil prices. This has been another success -- a number of pundits still maintain that oil has reached its bottom at $37 a barrel; a number of speculators are in readiness to bet that it has hit its bottom. However, if you have put your option bet on a "put" as we alerted last, it will still be valid for what we still expect to see oil drop further. Saudi Arabia is increasing its oil production by 1.5 million barrels daily, Russia is pumping a record volume of oil at a low-cost comparable to the Saudis, the OPEC nations refuse to reduce their production. The Saudis expect to punish Russia for US interests by maintaining an extra flow of oil to depress the Russian economy in the undeclared war on Russia. However, sanctions against Russia have only hurt European exports to Russia which gains more in oil profits since their ruble has been devalued while they get paid in now-premium US dollars. Other players still pump oil because they too are dependent on an income -- numerous US and Canadian oil pumps have either shut down already or will be forced into bankruptcy. Canada's shale oil production will continue as will numerous US pumps. Venezuela with its actual trillions of barrels of oil reserves won't cut production either. Iran has a reported 16 million barrels in storage ready to flood the world market as well. Former Shell Oil CEO has stated that oil price will not increase until there is actual world demand due to an increase in the world's economies. We do not expect world economy to increase significantly for at least two years! We expect oil to drop to $30 or even $29 a barrel. So, hold those option puts on oil for still more profits to cash in since we expect the best thing to happen will be only a maintenance price at $37 at the same price for several months. We expect oil to not change in price significantly until late September and into October. This will also aid the airline industry. An options alert we announce now is for gold to change in price this week Jan. 4 to 8. We expect gold to make an increase in price. Another alert we announce now is for weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and others to see significant gains this week. The Janet Yellen Federal Reserve CEO increase in interest rate by a one-quarter per cent has proven to presage an actual loss in value for the US currency going by previous patterns. While the US dollar gets a boost in value at this time the longer period of just a few months means we expect to see a fall in value for the US dollar.

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