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WARNING: Five days of weekend of September 18

It is expected that events will occur to provide shocking market volatility levels. On previous occasions we have called shock events without failing even once since we started this website last summer.. For options traders they should be ready to pull the plug immediately on stocks they may decide on -- Unfortunately, world stock markets and economies have been crashing for a number of years;therefore, options profits are made on "puts" in anticipation of drops in stock values.

Result: 162 Syrian soldiers killed or injured by U.S. air force; Manhattan bombings, New Jersey stabbings. NYSE index ceiling is created. In following days Deutchbank loses 9% at one point in trading as world banks lose 3 to 4% in one day -- Sept. 28 with Asian stock exchanges experiencing losses.


Smith & Wesson Forecasts Record Quarterly Revenue As Earnings Soar 93% Earlier this year we recommended the purchase of weapons makers; we did not name any particular stock. The following Monday and Tuesday Smith & Wesson weapons makers stocks gained 18% thanks to the ongoing attempts by the president to implement gun control executive orders announced on the Monday. The president did not inform us of his intentions prior to our prediction. A second weapons maker also reported increased stock value.


Multi-billionaire investors have been reduced to keeping their monies in their mattresses due to the lack of dividends and growth stocks not being available. This has been going on for the last few years. They are now forced into dealing with what we refer to as the "fear index" resulting in their self-protective moves to invest in precious metals like gold and silver.

Marc Faber is one of these individuals who is only shown on CNBC stocks channels in Asia. He produces the Doom, Boom and Gloom website. Billionaire Warren Buffet has been forced into buying very secure stocks like Apple or a very tangible industry railroad.

---------------------------- predicted a rise in oil later in September.

Recently, despite the failure of talks in April, Russia hasn’t given up on the idea of a global oil production cap. Significantly President Vladimir Putin told Bloomberg News at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

We believe an increase in oil prices will more likely be prompted by a global crisis which could begin around the weekend of September 18 and by the end of the month of September. The world's oil glut is likely to have been peaked when Putin's major oil production may be aligned with other countries like Saudi Arabia. Shale oil technologies have reduced costs for North American production but investors are crying for price stability since they have lost largely here. Oil price average is slightly below $50 a barrel -- an average that has been maintained for 20 years. Instability prompting an increase in oil prices could be triggered simply on the basis of the U.S. presidential race with Clinton in physical jeopardy.

The recent price of $50 a barrel has slipped slightly as we anticipated but did not report here. However, we anticipate above average oil prices this fall.

Now, at the end of September the OPEC nations have announced an agreement for pending oil freeze which is another prediction success virtually unparalleled by financial newsletter writers!!

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