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A violent Post-Election Crash!

For longer than a year the NYSE has existed in a state of helpless apprehension of an actual privately-owned Federal Reserve interest rate increase. Its serial projections of an imminent rate increase has not occurred. The only tentative increase of one quarter of one percent increase in December 2015 saw the markets dive. The lie regarding a low unemployment rate has seen the 'Fed' CEO Yellen more honestly afraid to raise any rate since actual percentage of employed people is at the lowest level in decades.

The current institutionalized billion dollar banker fines have not curbed massive banker frauds with the latest drama that has seen the foreign-owned Deutchbank being fined $14 billion with its executives sent to New York still stranded for more than a week begging for a lesser fine.

Global financial systems are in jeopardy.

We project the anticipated election in favor of the banker agent Clinton has also frozen the interest rate for her continuation of Quantitative Easing -- an election result that will appear to re-assure the markets of further stability -- in reality a false stability -- that is.

In spite of the NYSE touted claims of record highs its Dow Jones index has simply failed to keep ahead of inflation. Inflation, like the low unemployment lie is out of control.

What will happen following the election with the usual bankers and government agents safely in power for another four years is something to fear. Shortly after the November 8 election there will be a period of drift before the actual Inauguration date Jan. 20/2017 reminiscent of Obama's incoming presidency when he worked with Goldman Sachs Paulson made Treasury Secretary to push Quantitative Easing. This time the U.S. $20 trillion debt will be used as the excuse to declare the financial crisis as the reason for drastic moves by the Federal Reserve and government to ensure actual realistic stability. The markets will crash in the week November 28 to December 2, 2016. Our predicted disaster record has been without fail since we began these announcements since August 2015. The predicted week may involve political chaos and violence. Our July 4-8 Brexit crash week also saw 12 Dallas policemen shot.

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