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We were hacked! This is what we predicted!

Predicted for week Nov. 28-Dec 2 / 2016 -- especially for Nov. 29 that oil would jump in price and that there would be a plane accident -- even something involving a missile or rocket. We anticipated a flash crash as well. Result:: Oil price jumped 13% on Nov. 29; Dec. 3: Dec. 5: 3 Italian banks crashed -- one as much as 84% down due to the Italian referendum that saw PM Renzi declaring his resignation; Canadian trainee fighter pilot died in his $40 million jet; 77 people died in Colombia as a Brazilian soccer team died due to lack of fuel; on Dec. 1 a Russian missile rocket to supply the international space station disintegrated in flight; a Russian fighter plane from the Mediterranean sea’s Kuznetev aircraft carrier crashes Dec. 3.

Follow-up Result: Saturday Dec. 10 Dec. 10 following with what we said would be a friendly international agreement more countries have signed on in addition to the original OPEC agreement with the result that a further cutback on oil has happened as 558,000 more reductions in oil production have been announced including Mexico among other countries. Daily Global Oil Production90 Million Barrels Per DayOPEC & Non OPEC Oil Production Reduction53 Million Barrels Per DayTotal OPEC & Non OPEC Oil Production Reductions Agreed to as of Saturday1.2 million barrels per day (OPEC)0.558 million barrels per day (non OPEC)——–1.758 million barrels per day (OPEC & non OPEC) or almost 2% of global oil supply.This supply reduction combined with actual increased demand/consumption will drive oil prices even higher. Additionally, we predicted correctly a friendly international agreement would occur referring to the anticipated OPEC meetup for an oil production cut. This occurred in spite of the ongoing Saudi Arabia/Iran hostilities. Oil stocks pundits on CNBC stocks channel falsely claimed Russia and other oil-producing countries would not cut production but in fact it was Russia that provided impetus for an additional oil cut agreement larger than OPEC itself with the result that the international agreement declared a cut of 600,000 barrels per day exceeding OPEC’s own expectations of only 300,000. We warned that the flow of both oil and air traffic would be hampered. Result: Airline strikes in Germany, Israel and the United States occurred Nov. 29-Dec. 2; Walmart truck drivers struck demanding higher pay, Amazon pilots were on strike, Vancouver baggage handlers were on strike notice; this helped us declare the possibility of an extreme air disaster, even a missile type which subsequently occurred.

NOTE: The hack of our website was disturbing and we are still recovering contact lists and related correspondence. Why would we be hacked? Our information exposes behind the scenes moves by powerful entities that cannot abide our predictions that interfere with their corruptions. The NYSE VIX (Volatility Index) is far below average. We ask: "Since when does an auctioneer raise the prices on goods when bidders show a lack of interest?" Recent bubble is unhealthy as it is just that a bubble without basis of increased dividends.

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