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Gold Rising Again? 2017

Last month (December 2016) we received a request from a subscriber to recommend a 75% safe investment for her $10,000.

Since our recommendations are mainly for options traders who pass the million dollar a year income preference who can so-called afford to gamble with $10,000 we referred her to what we saw as a safe investment area only.

In this case we only suggested a purchase of gold related investments.

At the time gold was at the $1132. price per ounce. Today, gold has risen to $2019 per ounce.

This is similar to last January's (2016) recommendation to purchase gold related investments. Subsequently, gold made its record quarterly gain ever.

We feel gold will maintain modest gains this year as the stock markets will pause at this time limited to gains only later in the year as dividends and economic growth will remain sluggish until as late as December.

Market lingo refers to the "animal spirits" phenomenon as the source of market gains following the election of the new U.S. president. This does not mean actual profits and real economic gain will show itself in dramatic gains -- at least for traditional heavy industry.

Conversely, computer and technically related stocks will continue to gain this year. This related to items from robots to self-driving automobiles to space projects. Amazon's gains will also restrict brick-and-mortar type stores as they announce the potential hiring of 100,000 jobs in the next 18 months as one example.

-- Victor Fletcher

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