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2017 and Beyond

2017 Economic growth will be a "slow but sure" situation as the new president team learns hands-on approaches. Gold will do alright generally -- it is up from $1132 in Dec. to $1220 the other day now hovering around 1210 today.

We recommended a subscriber at to go gold at $1132 in December when she asked for a 75% secure placement of funds.

However, the actual market growth will be slow until much later in the year; larger industry dividends will not appear significantly for some months.

October will see the beginning of a heads-up period with stable industrial shall-we-say 'movements' being seen in January 2018.

The next three years from now will see more of this as we head for a 'conservative' tone showing up. At best it will be seen as a Santa Claus theme wherein Santa (New World Order/Trump) says: "We know if you've been naughty or nice -- consequently you may only get a lump of coal in your Christmas socks". Or, an attitude of "We'll discipline you to perform in controlled manner for your own good." There will be imposed on society the lurking possibility of martial law or even jail time as a "norm". Society will tighten down with the understanding that the needs for basic survival will be more prominent than the present preoccupation with race and gender rights.

I expect the first U.S. significant sabre rattling incident sometime in April 2017. A problematic period to get past.

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