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OPEC, Russia repeat astrology consulting

Once again, on July 6 an international agreement between OPEC and Russia saw an oil cut.

As we predicted in an earlier year when we called for a significant oil price jump (it went from $45 to $55 a barrel within our predicted five day window); we see it happen again.

Our price jump knowledge is gained from our recognition of OPEC's use of astrology. Previously, OPEC has repeatedly changed oil flows and actual meetings for such events co-ordinated with New Moon days. This time, it was a Full Moon event. Both events involved sign Sagittarius understood by astrologers to represent international affairs amongst many other meanings.

This time OPEC and Russia made the agreement although this time Trump did not take credit for being involved -- that we know of.

For those of you who won't know the astro lingo -- the full Moon occurred as the Sun and Moon were in exact opposite signs while forming what is referred to as a "square" aspect to Mars in water sign Pisces ruler of liquids.

Our technological expertise includes the astrology field.

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