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Update on economic disaster

February 23, 2022: One year later:

Our crash prediction remains intact: Fake market Dow-Jones rise from 31,000 to 36,000 has now dropped back to 33,000 level. This is the second collapse. Enduring the Biden election that increased gas prices where unemployment dropped because everyone in the family had to go back to work to survive. Due to Biden's dramatic record inflation actual income levels are diving.

Bitcoin has its ups and downs. Personally we made money when we predicted the 41,000 level to go to 66,000 which it did. We cashed out then. It dropped back to the thirties level again. It bears watching as it appears to have found its bottom in the high thirties. After a year of disaster we will resume our market commentaries.

Feb. 23 We predicted Dow Jones market collapse

by March 22: Dow dropped 4,000 points in 5 days!

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